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Residential Roofing in Odessa TX

The roof takes most of the beating from the force of elements while protecting us, our property, our family, and our possessions. Our home is an investment bought with love, dreams, and hard-earned money and every corner holds memories. Don’t let repairable roof damage take away all the memories you’ve had in your home. Reinforce it, mitigate brewing damages, and on uncontrollable natural disasters, save what’s left on your structure through emergency roof repair.

Our home should be our safest and most comfortable zone where we can rest from life’s stressors. So to create a lasting investment, choose a residential roofing service provider that uses premium quality material, employs the best-skilled roofers, delivers exemplary workmanship, and goes the extra mile to provide a long-term solution. We are the perfect company to call.

We only use premium-grade materials for longer life expectancy, optimum results, and client satisfaction. We also offer dependable commercial roofing solutions to industrial establishments.

Wondering what roofing materials we offer? Read on to find out!

Slate Roof

The slate roof is derived from natural stone which is processed and turned into roofing tiles of uniform thickness and size. Aesthetically, slate is naturally beautiful and robust which significantly prolongs roof longevity. It also features an energy conservation feature.

Slate outperforms its competitors in terms of long duration of usability with its over 100 years warranty. Because it’s naturally durable, slate is one of the top-performing roofing materials in terms of low maintenance and trouble-free material.

Copper Roof

The copper roof is known for its high resistance to natural elements, durability, and long life expectancy. It also flaunts a unique character which enhances the aesthetics side of your house. Its naturally sophisticated look complements almost all types of interiors, architectural designs, and even landscaping designs.

Clay Roof

Clay roofs are one of the most primitive roofing materials and have existed for centuries now. Though it’s deemed as a fragile roofing material, clay roofs can last for over 100 years with proper care and maintenance.

Cedar Wood Shake Roof

Cedar, when pressure-treated becomes supremely durable and can withstand the test of nature from strong wind, hail, extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, and salt sprays. It’s widely used as a roofing material because of its high insulation value. It also comes with its famous 75-year limited warranty and aesthetically beautiful appearance.

Metal Roof

Metal Roof is also one of the most common and most popular roofing materials. It comes in different colors, styles, and compositions. The most popular are the standing seam, aluminum, and stone-coated steel. The best roofing option is the stone-coated steel that belongs to the class 4 impact resistance which helps homeowners save approximately between 25% to 45% on insurance.

Composition Shingle Roof

The Composition Shingle Roof is composed of asphalt and recycled fibers that are joined together forming a durable but affordable roofing material. The most common warranty coverage on this type of roofing material ranges between 20 years up to a lifetime.

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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed