Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair is a temporary repair solution to seal off water leaks and save what’s left from your property until a permanent roof repair solution is available. Various reasons prompt an emergency roof repair including natural disasters wherein a quick response is needed to at least minimize the damage and prevent costly roof re-roofing, ceiling reconstruction, and re-installation of the insulation system. In a post-disaster situation when you need a quick roof repair solution, we’ll spring into action in no time, mobilize our roofers immediately, and provide effective temporary emergency roof repair to manage the roof damage, stop the leak, and prevent further damage.

We believe that early response and quick problem resolution can create a difference in mitigating total losses and speeds up your recovery and rehabilitation process. We provide same-day roof inspection and emergency roof repair services, especially in nearby areas. In cases where highway blockages are present such as fallen trees, posts, debris, we can schedule the roof inspection the next day or the quickest possible time. We find ways to reach you and deliver the services that you need at the most vulnerable times.

Our Emergency Roofing Repair Services include:

Storm Damage

Storms are inevitable natural disasters. We may not be able to stop it from occurring but we can reinforce our homes to withstand storms. But no matter how good our house structure is, the chance of damage is possible especially during high category typhoons and our roofing system takes in all the impact.

Storms are capable of blowing away our shingles, cracking tile roofs, loosening the flat roof, and parts of your roof may have been lifted. With a damaged roof, water can compromise the structure’s integrity and bring forth discomfort to you and your family.

We understand the stress that storms bring to people and a damaged roof can worsen the situation thus we show up quickly in situations where our expertise is needed. Depending on your roof’s condition and your plans, we can provide a roof shrink wrap which is a temporary but long-term roofing solution and can last up to a year until you’ve finally decided what permanent solution to do on your damaged roof.

Meanwhile, the best temporary but effective roofing solution for torn-off fat roofs is to perform a sealed loose lay TPO membrane. It is an efficient solution to stop leaks and stabilize your structure while your insurance is yet to approve a permanent roof replacement. Our team of roofing experts will come back for a total TPO roof replacement with a new insulation system once insurance is settled.

Fire Damage

Small leaks may seem harmless but they can cause further damage to the total structure if left unresolved. Early detection and response prevent damage to prosper further which often results in hefty total re-roofing.

Moreover, housefires often start from an unmaintained and leaking roofing system. Don’t just settle with basic fire prevention tools such as extinguisher and sprinkler systems, invest in functional and conditioned roofing systems too.

Don’t let this happen to you. Reach out to our reputable services as soon as you discover leaks on your roof. Or, you may also seek for a regular roof inspection to check your roof condition and ensure that leaks are prevented even before it starts to create further damage to your establishment.

Emergency Roof Tarping

When a natural disaster strikes, your roof takes most of the beating as it tries to keep you safely covered from the havoc. The consistent pounding and strong gusts of wind tend to wreck the roof structure and trashes parts of the roof in the process. Once the devastation stops, quick repair is needed to mitigate damage.

The best and quick response to do in such situations is to place a tarp over the affected area to cover the exposed area and prevent water from leaking. Leaks can potentially create disastrous outcomes such as mold build-up, weakens wall integrity, ruins ceiling and insulation systems, and messes your electrical lines which can lead to electrical fires.

If your roof is leaking, tarp it immediately. We offer effective, quick, and professional emergency tarping services. We mobilize our team to render immediate disaster roofing response services because we want to alleviate your stress during these vulnerable moments of uncertainty and lessen your worries by removing a damaged roof from the equation.

Emergency Roof Replacement

Emergency roof repair may arise at the most unexpected moments. Time is crucial in maintaining your structure’s integrity and a damaged roof compromises the quality of the whole structure. It’s important to hire the best roofers who understand the weather in your area, show up immediately when called, and provide viable and effective solutions to your every roofing need; from evaluation to the actual application of roofing services.