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The Finest Commercial Roofing Serving Odessa, TX and Surrounding Areas

Looking for dependable and trustworthy roofers who use systematic and cost-effective approaches? Or, are you looking for a roofing service provider with a mix of quality and transparency, honesty and integrity, skills and professionalism? Then choose us where your roofing needs meet impeccable standards of service.

Is your establishment roofing due for a new roof? Have you noticed a few leaks on your commercial building that bothers your mind? Or probably your area has been recently struck by a strong typhoon and you need roof repair services to correct the problem? Look no further because we offer a wide breadth of commercial and residential roofing services. We provide a quick inspection, honest and transparent estimate, and proactively offer potential roofing options for you to choose from. We also provide tips and recommendations so you know your options within your budget range.

Full-Service Roof Solution

Ever wonder why expansive roofs use the flat roof or low slope variety? These are commonly found in extensive establishments such as those used in schools/universities, malls/shopping centers, hospitals, factories/production areas, warehouses, apartment buildings, and other large structures and establishments.

The simplest explanation is that these designs are both effective and economical. It’s cost-effective because it’s easier to install, involves less surface area, and requires fewer materials. The drainage on flat roofs is effective and less expensive and though they may look flat, they have an approximately 2% slight slope design to allow water to flow freely from the top down to the gutter avoiding standing water in the process.

Moreover, flat roofs allow smart placements on air conditioning unit installation. Instead of placing HVAC units on the ground, flat roofs encourage owners to place them on the roof making sure that the system is free from human intervention most of the time, safe against vandalism, and maximizes energy by allowing the cold air to naturally flow downwards. In terms of maintenance and repair, it is easier to spot leaks on flat roofs and performing repairs is easier in flat roofs because the roofers' activity is less limited.

However, flat roof installation, maintenance, inspection, and repair require skills and expertise due to their peculiar drainage and water management system. You need experienced, knowledgeable, and highly skilled professionals to deliver the job. Trust only the best roofer service provider in (location). Let us handle your commercial roofing needs because we pour our heart out in ensuring that the pillars of your establishment’s integrity are well protected.

Serves Commercial Establishments of All Types

Regardless of the scale of your business and the expanse of your roof, we are ready and geared up to deliver premium commercial roofing services from total re-roofing, maintenance, repair, and evaluation. Our length of service has exposed us to different establishments of various sizes, industries, and particular needs. No roof is too complicated and expansive for us to tackle because we’ve got you covered!

Trustworthy Service

Your commercial building is the footprint of your business where most transactions and activities transpire. Keeping your building’s integrity at an optimum level is logical in maintaining your business operation and your employees' productivity. But you can improve it by ensuring your roof’s integrity and stability. Protect your business, safeguard your workforce by securing your roof’s structure.

In doing so, choose the best commercial roofing service provider whom you can trust in delivering regular inspection, maintenance, repair, and re-roofing if the need arises. We offer a mix of theory, skills, workmanship, and professionalism in addressing every commercial roofing needs we encounter. Our untainted reputation and impeccable track record speak of our value and credibility.

Types of Commercial Roofing

Read on to know the most common commercial roofing options for you to choose from.

BUR or Built-up Roofing

Predominantly known as the tar and gravel roofing system and has been around for over 100 years. It remains one of the top commercial roofing options, especially on low-sloped commercial roofs.** **

A BUR system is made of 3-4 alternating layers of bitumen or asphalt and roofing fabrics called felts. The felts are topped with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats as protective layers. The multiple layers of bitumen and protective layer topping create a sturdy roofing membrane. The lifespan of a BUR system depends on the number of layers of the roof membrane system wherein the more layers it has, the higher its longevity.

SBS Modified Roofing or Styrene Butadiene Styrene

The SBS Modified roofing system is composed of fiberglass and polyester material which promotes elasticity and is beneficial in areas where climates are on its extreme level, especially during summer and winter. It can adjust to the blazing heat of the sun during the summer seasons and provides sturdy protection during the freezing temperatures of the winter seasons.

The SBS modified roofing creates optimum performance when bonded with a basic roofing sheet as it offers flexibility that enables the roofing system to adapt back to its normal property after being exposed to extreme and harsh weather temperature Due to its pliability, this is one of the most in-demand roofing option chosen by our regular clients.

EPDM Roofing or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer

EPDM Roofing system is made of robust synthetic rubber and is used as a roofing membrane. It is commonly utilized in flat roofs or low-sloped commercial buildings. What’s good about the EPDM is that it’s waterproof. It provides leak-resistant support to the roof and keeps the natural components of rainwater that gushes through the roof down to the rainwater run-off without polluting it.

TPO Roofing or Thermoplastic Polyolefin

TPO membranes have been around for many years but they have been underrated. However, it gained popularity recently especially in new constructions as it is an effective roof replacement. So what’s interesting about TPO membranes?

Aside from being environmentally friendly, it features a naturally flexible property making it a sturdy roofing membrane that could withstand extreme weather temperature. It also flaunts a puncture-resistant feature making it a perfect roofing choice. Another notable function of TPO roofing is that it can resist a significant amount of UV rays, ozone exposure, and susceptibility to chemicals.

PVC Roofing or Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride roofing is also one of the most favored roofing options because it’s robust, fireproof, puncture-resistant, and tolerates dirt and debris without affecting its durability. It’s also known as an effective waterproof roofing option that’s why it’s highly recommended in vegetative roof systems and other green roofing settings. It’s highly flexible and can be used to almost any roof shape and style and low maintenance.

Tapered Insulation Systems

The tapered insulation system is widely used in new roof constructions especially in flat roof systems because it creates a 20% slant or slope. This slight slant on the roofing system encourages the steady and continuous flow of rainwater into the gutter down to its downspout and catchment system. Lack of a slight slope on the roof will result in shorter longevity of the roof due to standing water which rapidly affects the durability of the roof system.

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